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Records Management in the Government of the District of Columbia: How to Prepare an SF-135

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Information about the Office of Public Records

The Office of Public Records is mandated by DC Law 6-19 and the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Title 1, Chapter 15, to review and approve agency records retention schedules; train records officers in implementing the policies, procedures, and guidelines of managing records; collect, store, preserve, conserve and service historical records in the custody of the Archives; collect, store and service temporary records in the custody of the Records Center; and collect, store and service publications in the custody of the Library of Government Information. 

Public Records and Archive Services is managed and administered through the Office of Public Records and Archives.

Service Details: 

Deeds, Land and Property



Historical Documents

Research Building Permits and Architectural Plans

Related Services: 

District of Columbia Archives

Library of Government Information

Public Records Center

Service Contact: 

Office of Public Records, Administrator

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (202) 671-1105

Contact Fax: (202) 727-6076

Contact TTY: 711

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:15 am to 4:45 pm

Service Location: 

GIS Address: 

1300 Naylor Court, NW

Washington, DC 20001

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Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

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1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 419, Washington, DC 20004
Phone: (202) 727-6306
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Kimberly A. Bassett

Kimberly A. Bassett

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Preparing an SF-135

An SF-135 is a records transmittal and receipt form that serves three purposes: 

  • Documents physical transfer of accession from agency to OPR and DC Record Center/ Suitland FRC
  • Provides information such as the accession number, series description,  & disposition
  • Must be completed and submitted for approval before accession transfer

Example of an SF-135

Completing the SF-135

Please use the following information to complete the SF-135

General Information Section: 

  • #2: OPR Assigned Records Manager 
  • #3: name of agency & the records manager, title and telephone no.
  • #4:  leave blank
  •  # 5: Customer Reference # (CRN) (provided by OPR), OPR Assigned Records Manager, 1300 Naylor Court, NW Washington, DC 20001 

Records Data Section: 

  • #6 (portions: a, b, &c) Accession Number : LEAVE BLANK
    • 6d: Volume = total number of boxes in accession
    • 6e:  Agency Box Numbers = How boxes are numbered; e.g. 1-10, 1-50
    • 6f:  Series Description –  agency code at top of box, description of records from the retention schedule, date range covered & closing date
    • G: Restriction Type
      • Do records require restricted access; e.g. contain confidential information, etc.
    • H: Disposal Authority 
      • Records Schedule # and Series on Records Schedule 
      • Example: DCRS 16-001, Sect. 9; item 4b or DCRS 6, Sect. 21 (b)
    • I: Disposal Date: 
      • Date when accession becomes eligible for destruction or transferred to the DC Archives 
      • To compute the Disposal Date: 
        • Step 1: Begin with the date of transfer provided in Section 2. 
        • Step 2: Add the years of retention found in section 6F - Series Description . 
        • Step 3: Add an additional 6 months to this date
      •  Example:
        • The date found in Box #2 is: 1/15/2007 
        • The retention period in box 6F is 7 years 
          • Add the number of years in the retention period to the date in Box #2. (2007 + 7 years) This means the disposal year is 2014
        • Add 6 months to the disposal year (1/15/2014 + 6 months) 
        • The official disposal date is 6/15/2014

Click to view an example of a completed SF-135

The Approval Process

The Approval Process: 

  1. Submit completed SF-135 & Master Box List together as a set via email to your assigned OPR records management specialist**
    • No more than 5 sets per email
  2. Submission approved by email and an accession number is provided
  3. Records manager will write Accession Numbers on boxes in designated area only
  4. Place copy of approved SF-135 in the first and last box of the accession
  5. Contact OPR Records Specialist for final inspection
  6. Agency Records manager responsible for arranging transport to FRC or DC Record Center

Be sure to keep a copy of the Approved SF-135 for records and attach copy of master box list.

How do I request a Copy of the Records?

Reference Requests:

At times, it may be necessary to request inactive records submitted to either the DC Records Center of Federal Records Center. 

Request Records from the DC Records Center: 

  • Complete an OF-11 Records Request Form and submit to 
    • Turn around time = 24 to 48 hours'
  • Retrieving Records: 
    • Requestor notified for pick-up from DC Record Center
      • Upon pick-up, signature required 
    • Transfer of Legal Custody from OPR to Agency
    • Agency is required to return record with SF-11 attached

Requesting Records at the Federal Records Center: 

  • Requests submitted via FRC ARCIS website
  • NOTE:
    • Special training required from Office of Public Records
    • Only one person trained per agency
    • Only one password issued per agency
    • Agency responsible for picking up & returning record to FRC