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Records Management in the Government of the District of Columbia: How to Request the Destruction of Records

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Information about the Office of Public Records

The Office of Public Records is mandated by DC Law 6-19 and the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Title 1, Chapter 15, to review and approve agency records retention schedules; train records officers in implementing the policies, procedures, and guidelines of managing records; collect, store, preserve, conserve and service historical records in the custody of the Archives; collect, store and service temporary records in the custody of the Records Center; and collect, store and service publications in the custody of the Library of Government Information. 

Public Records and Archive Services is managed and administered through the Office of Public Records and Archives.

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Deeds, Land and Property



Historical Document

Research Building Permits and Architectural Plans

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District of Columbia Archives

Library of Government Information

Public Records Center

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Office of Public Records, Administrator

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Contact Phone: (202) 671-1105

Contact Fax: (202) 727-6076

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Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:15 am to 4:45 pm

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1300 Naylor Court, NW

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Ask the Secretary of the District of Columbia

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Kimberly A. Bassett

Kimberly A. Bassett

Secretary of the District of Columbia

What is the process for destroying public records


All government records created by district employees are the property of the DC government. As a result, they must be disposed of using the following procedures. These procedures will create an official paper trail must be developed documenting the entire process.


Steps in the Process of Destroying Government Records

Step 1: Agency’s Records Management Officer Completes the Notice of Intent to Destroy Records Form in its entirety.

Step 2:  Agency’s Records Management Officer submits to the DC Archivist a properly completed Notice of Intent to Destroy Records Form with a master box list or inventory of records to be destroyed included.

Step 3: The Archivist, upon receipt of the request will schedule a date and time to inspect the records to verify all information is correct

  • Ensures that not currently active, historical, or permanent records are included or that no records are scheduled to be destroyed before their designated time according to the agency retention schedule

Step 4: After inspecting the records, the archivist will either grant approval by signing and dating the form or deny destruction

  • If denied, a written explanation will be provided

Step 5: Upon receiving the archivist’s approval, records can be destroyed as scheduled

    • NOTE: Destruction must take place within 30 days of the date submitted in the request.
    • Agency staff must witness the destruct of all records containing sensitive, proprietary and/or confidential information,

Step 6: Agency Records Manager provides a completed confirmation of destruction of records form signed by the agency witness to the archivist within 1 week of the date of destruction

  • The agency records management office must keep a copy of both the approved and singed notice of intent to destroy records form and confirmation of destruction of records form for the agency’s records management program.